Sampson Associates (“The Company”) is committed to achieving social and environmental responsibility both in the operation of the business and the service provided to Clients. The Company understands that sustainably practices can have a positive effect on the environment.

The Company practices the principles of the 4Rs.:


  • Reduce waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we use it.
  • Reducing waste paper by not printing non-essential documents and emails.
  • Reducing waste electronic equipment by purchasing computers, printers and the like which offer the longest possible lifespan.
  • Reducing waste by only requesting samples, product literature and like which will be used.
  • Reducing energy use by switching off electronic equipment, lighting and heaters when not in use.


  • Reuse wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items especially paper and office stationery.
  • Reusing single sided prints for note paper (except where confidential information may be included).
  • Reusing office furniture no longer required by others.



  • Waste paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans are collected separately from general waste for recycling as part of our Landlord’s scheme.
  • Toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges are sent to a nominated charity for recycling.
  • Redundant office furniture is advertised for free collection by others in order to promote recycling.
  • Redundant IT equipment is given to recycling companies for reuse where possible.



  • Recommend sustainable construction methods, techniques and equipment.
  • Recommend sustainable materials for use within projects
  • Recommend sustainable solutions to heating and lighting systems e.g. PV solar panels, low energy lighting.
  • Recommend sustainable solutions to drainage systems e.g. rainwater harvesting, grey water.
  • Recommend levels of insulation exceeding regulations to prevent heat loss.